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        The Chinese etiquette teacher training institute,Is a nonprofit folk organization approved by the ministry of civil affairs,Etiquette association has abundant culture resources,Association by the well-known colleges and universities、Long-term enterprise engaged in the teaching research and social etiquette etiquette consulting、Training、Professionals in the work of joint,Has the qualifications of independent legal representive.it is also the social groups。This association is committed to the service government、Enterprises and institutions of the etiquette culture communication、For discussion、Training and etiquette course construction, etc。After the founding of Chinese etiquette teacher training institute,The competent units under the leadership of the government,Under the joint efforts of people from all walks of life,Further government agencies、Social service window units and various industries,Our duty is to carry forward the etiquette culture,Dedicated to spreading Chinese etiquette、Learn the etiquette of information,To construct the national etiquette culture network,To build the urban business card etiquette culture。 To learn more>>

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